KiteBit shuts down

Thank you all for this amazing 3 years. After some months of struggling to scale KiteBit operations in a sustainable way, the KiteBit team has decided that best option is to discontinue the service.

Although we are sad to have closed this chapter, we are thrilled that during this time we've been the nÂș1 Direct to Fan service in Europe with more than 1.000 products in sale, and near half a Million Euros in sales.

Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way, including team, colleagues, partners and most importantly our incredible clients.

Can I continue to use the service?

No, the service will be completely discontinued on November 15, 2015. Until then your items are still on sale

What happens to my account and data stored in KiteBit servers?

Any data that remains on the KiteBit servers will be destroyed shortly after November 15, 2015. You will not be able to sell anymore to your fan base nor see any data you collected before that date.

If you are a paying customer you may have already received a notice on how to retain your data.